[FFmpeg-devel] snow developement - donations

Robert Swain robert.swain
Fri May 25 23:03:52 CEST 2007

On 25 May 2007, at 21:20, Tomi Ollila wrote:
> Lars T?uber <lars.taeuber at gmx.net> writes:
>>> Good idea! Ok, I offer 400 eur to Michael if he restarts works on  
>>> the
>>> snow codec, and promises its specification will be stabilized/ 
>>> finalized
>>> soon. I would like to use it for archiving, so (backward)  
>>> compatibility
>>> is very important for me too...
>> Ok, 400 Euros is a good sum. I'd pay the first half immediately  
>> and the second half after completion of spec and implementation.


>> Thank you A'rpi.
>> This are 800 Euros till now. Any other donators?
> 1200, (+ 200 + 200). How does one deliver a donation ?

We've been discussing bounties recently and we haven't decided on a  
standardised way of donation distribution. Maybe we'll have a good  
idea or a plan after LinuxTag, maybe not. In any case it would (or at  
least should) be published on this list for further discussion.

But for now:


It looks like that is the beginning of a specification.


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