[FFmpeg-devel] Bounties?

Ivo ivop
Fri May 25 00:09:00 CEST 2007

On Thursday 24 May 2007 15:16, Justin wrote:
> It sounds like the idea of accepting bounties in order to prioritize
> development tasks is acceptable to the majority of folks who've
> responded -- the next question is...  Is there a pre-existing
> community that handles this?  I know that
> http://www.bountycounty.org/ is in operation, but it doesn't appear
> to be updated very frequently.  (Last post in 2006.)  Can someone
> recommend a service that administrates this, or do I just go and make
> a Paypal 'tip jar' and administrate it myself?

What we (i.e. the OSS community) need is something like rentacoder.com but 
with the ability to have multiple people pay for the escrow and also have 
the escrow released to multiple programmers if necessary. I don't think 
something like that exists yet. There's opensourcexperts.com but that's 
more of a steady-job advertisements site.

I'm not much of an entrepreneur or I would set something up like that 
myself. m->escrow->n, a bidding system, perhaps poll-based selection of 
programmers, a rating system, much like rentacoder but without them taking 
15% of the money :) Hmm, maybe that's why I am not an entrepreneur ;)


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