[FFmpeg-devel] iPod Donation

Piero Bugoni crboca32
Thu May 24 16:37:15 CEST 2007

Right now, on e-bay, there are several iPod video
for sale, 30-80GB, new and used, starting around
$319.00 - Buy It Now Price.

Also, this company:


sells an iPod breakout connector for those handy with
a soldering iron. (I do not know if this matters, but
it may be necessary for "sniffing" an iPod data

Now for the Deal:

I will donate $10.00, toward the purchase of an iPod
for ffmpeg. If everyone here will do the same, then
one can be bought. I have dismissed the idea of
approaching  Apple for a developer's unit to use in
developing ffmpeg. Someone should try, I think, but I
have my reservations about believing they will fork
over a free unit so that it can be reverse-engineered,
and competing software developed.

This is no bullshit. If someone sets up a PayPal
account, or something, I will contribute, but I want
to see pledges from others as well. If everyone here
pledges the enough to cover the cost, I will put up my

You all will have to decide amongst yourselves who
gets to hold the unit, and how to share it. I would
suggest out of fairness that when development is
complete, that the unit be re-sold on e-bay, and the
funds put toward further ffmpeg development, perhaps
as bounties. Or, perhaps you decide amongst yourselves
who gets to keep it, or maybe even a lottery.

I have no interest in the unit. I have not owned a
television in 15 years. I spend enough time in front
of a video screen as it is.

Maybe the unit can be hung off a Linux box, or a Mac
machine, and it can be set up for remote access by
web, or login.

No B.S.: I got ten bucks to pony up for this, everyone
else should too. Especially, I, think anyone who has
turned here for a tech-support answer, gotten one, and
put it to use.


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