[FFmpeg-devel] Bounties?

Justin ffmpeg
Thu May 24 15:16:56 CEST 2007

Well, I'm shocked at how many conversations have happened while I've 
been asleep.

The message was supposed to bring on more of a discussion about 
implementing bounties, but I'm glad to have spurred the conversation 
about adding presets for all devices -- there was one comment about 
iPods being a fad -- but even if that's true, there's dozens of 
portable players that would benefit from a conversion tool like 
ffmpeg -- portable media players aren't going to disappear anytime 

As for making an iPod the bounty...  iPods are hard to split amongst 
teams, where as cash is at least somewhat divisible.  I wouldn't be 
against the idea though.

It sounds like the idea of accepting bounties in order to prioritize 
development tasks is acceptable to the majority of folks who've 
responded -- the next question is...  Is there a pre-existing 
community that handles this?  I know that 
http://www.bountycounty.org/ is in operation, but it doesn't appear 
to be updated very frequently.  (Last post in 2006.)  Can someone 
recommend a service that administrates this, or do I just go and make 
a Paypal 'tip jar' and administrate it myself?


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