[FFmpeg-devel] RTSP from Tv-card with ffmpeg (looking for developer)

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Thu May 24 08:57:36 CEST 2007


Piero Bugoni wrote:
> So, what client to try rtsp:// viewing? I do not feel
> like installing Real-anything.
You can even use ffplay; it is generally able to play RTSP URLs. But I 
guess the best choice for this kind of things is vlc.

The _real_ problem is that on rtsp:// url with a .flv file does not 
really make too much sense. You have to use audio and video which are 
supported by RTPS / RTP (a .mpg file should be ok. If you use ffserver, 
you have to put mpeg1 video in it, because libavformat does not support 
mpeg2video over RTP).

> I figured mplayer would work.
You have to compile it with live555 libraries enabled.

> For the person requesting all this:
> How do you plan to view the video? Can DSS serve MPEG
> streams to a media player, or FLV streams to Flash
> Player on a browser?
I suspect DSS can stream MPEG{1,2,4}, H.264, and maybe H.263. And AAC 
audio, of course. FLV is not cited in any RFC, so it cannot be supported 
in any standard way.

> You might try these combinations:
> 1)MPEG
>   video:mpeg1video
>   audio:mp2
This is supported by ffserver. I never tried a live feed, but it is 
possible to make it work when streaming from a file.

> 2) "Quicktime"
>     video:mpeg4
>     audio:mp3
This should work (in theory), but I never tried.

> 3) "Flash"
>     video:flv
>     audio:mp3
This cannot be streamed over RTSP / RTP.


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