[FFmpeg-devel] RTSP from Tv-card with ffmpeg (looking for developer)

Piero Bugoni crboca32
Wed May 23 14:31:23 CEST 2007

> Does anyone have an idea about where to find a
> ffmpeg developer who could
> help us solve this issue?
> What we need is ffmpeg to grab a source from a
> tv-card and encode it to
> h.263, mpeg4 and h.264 and send it as an RTSP stream
> to a darwin server.

I don't think you need a developer to do this. I think
ffmpeg can already do this.

If this has not been covered in ffmpeg-user, drop me a
line at my e-mail address. I will try to help.

ffmpeg will send a stream to ffserver via http. I have
not tried rtsp.


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