[FFmpeg-devel] flashsvenc.c - sampling block size too low

Jason Askew jason.askew
Wed May 16 17:05:45 CEST 2007

> Good work! Submit some patches and we'll be able to comment on the code.
> I think I've changed my thoughts about the 1 pass block size. If you
> take the mean value of a few example screen caps and send a patch I'll
> apply it.

With my few sets of screen caps the data is:
width: 5.188679245	
height: 3.094339623

My experience before hard data was that a square block of 4x4 was a
very good sweet spot.

Of course, I'm one limited data point, but I can say that 1x1 has
never been optimal.

So, to keep the patching process modular and with several relevant
changes, I'm thinking patch one should be to remove unneeded commented
out code and the unused old optimization code within the #if 0.

Then a patch for the big optimization code change.  How's that sound?

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