[FFmpeg-devel] How to drop audio samples?

Richard Neill rn214
Tue May 15 03:19:07 CEST 2007

Michael Niedermayer wrote:

>> What I want to do:
>> Implement a trivial filter in ffmpeg to drop every nth byte-pair from
>> the audio stream.
> no what you want to do is rather use -async 10 and ensure that the audio
> timestamps are correct

Dear Michael,

Thanks very much - that's very helpful. How do I ensure that the audio
timestamps are correct? What's the best way to view the timestamps and
check them?

I've tried with various values of -async, up to 440, and it doesn't seem
to help, so I suspect that the camera is generating timestamps which are
false. I'm using a file captured thus:
   dvgrab --format dv1 - > testfile.dv
and if I just play the testfile.dv with mplayer, it also looses sync.

Thanks again for your help,


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