[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Coremake support

Steve Lhomme slhomme
Mon May 14 10:37:19 CEST 2007

Hi everyone,

Here is a patch to support the coremake "meta-makefile system". Like 
bakefile or cmake, coremake can generate makefiles and project files for 
various IDEs. It was developped by CoreCodec to build CorePlayer 
(formerly known as TCPMP), CoreAVC and all other products on all the 
platforms we support (windows, windows CE, symbian, palm, OS X, linux, 
Sun). It is also used in DrDivX/DrFFMPEG and thus supports Qt4 special 
build commands (tested on windows and OS X).

The goal here is not to replace the current makefiles that do more than 
coremake is capable of doing now (install files after make, out of tree 
builds). But to give a wider choice of development environment when 
possible. It can also offer features not found in the current makefile 
like precompiled headers (used in DrFFMPEG with a good speedup of 

The current configuration that should work out of the box with FFMPEG are:
- gcc_win32 (make + mingw/cygwin)
- gcc_linux (Make + gcc on linux)
- gcc_linux_x64 (make + gcc x64 on linux)
- gcc_osx_ppc (make + gcc PPC on OS X)
- gcc_osx_x86 (make + gcc x86 on OS X)
- xcode (xcode native project files)

Other targets may be supported by FFMPEG with little changes in the code 
(for ex some Symbian flavors might work already, OS X universal builds 
will work if both PPC and x86 can be activated by the configure script). 
All the possible outputs correspond to all the .build files the 
"coremake" directory (imported from the official SVN).

The temporary object files are put in the /build folder and the result 
output files are put in /release.

All libraries are created as "DLL". If CONFIG_STATIC is found in 
config.h then these "DLL" are turned into "LIB".

I tested it successfully with MinGW with this script:
./configure --enable-memalign-hack --disable-shared --coremake=gcc_win32

Any comments/suggestion is welcome. We're still working a lot on 
coremake. There's still plenty of stuff to do.

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