[FFmpeg-devel] svn -> git step 2

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Mon May 14 03:04:13 CEST 2007


thanks to mans excelent work, we have a read only git repo of ffmpeg on
mphq, and gitweb is working too

next steps which should be done are

1. we need a dummy/sandbox git repository on mphq and developers need to have
   write access to that

we need that dummy repo so people now and later can experiment/play with
git push to mphq without putting the main repository at risk
we also need it so we can ensure everything else (see below) is working
before we switch from svn to git

2. commits with log message, diffstat, author and diff should be 
   automatically mailed to ffmpeg-svnlog, this should be setup for the
   dummy repo to ensure that it is working before we switch

3. we need to setup a pre"push" (whatever the correct term is) check
   script which rejects trailing whitespace and tabs

4. we need a short how to text describing the common git operations needed
   similar to the relevant parts of DOCS/tech/svn-howto.txt from mplayer
   this isnt really critical but would be nice to have ...
   none of the existing git howtos seem to cover much beyond
   pull and play with your local repo

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