[FFmpeg-devel] Adding 10-bit depth YUV

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Fri May 11 21:03:31 CEST 2007


On Thu, May 10, 2007 at 03:28:25PM -0500, erik98 at sunflower.com wrote:
> Thanks for your reply. Some additional questions I have are as follows...
> >> --> To accomplish phase one, it would seem that I need to make the following source code changes...
> >> libavcodec/imgconvert.c:
> >> Add 10-bit depth variants of PIX_FMT_YUV* (ie. PIX_FMT_YUV444D10, PIX_FMT_YUV444P10, etc.).
> >> Note, planar forms will likely be a packed format where 5 bytes are used for every 4 pixels, padded if necessary at the end of each plane.
> >i am against adding 10bit anything support before 16bit is supported and
> >a clear advantage is demonstrated why 10bit support would be needed in
> >addition to 8 and 16bit support, 
> What would you say to adding generic 16-bit support, where anything between 9-15bits gets promoted (padded) internally to 16-bit for internal storage? 


> However, some 10-bit support (or at least _annotation_) would be helpful for compressors and for encoders/containers with 8+ bit support options (such as the Quicktime support for 10-bit YUV444 and YUV422, as well as YUV16). 
> If the plan is to re-write the pix_fmt (see below), one could explicitly separate out Storage class (5, 8 or 16-bits; Number of channels/planes) and Interpretation (or "valid bits") class (5,8,10,16), etc.
> >>additionally i think a more generic pix_fmt
> >>system should be introduced before supporting bit depth between 8 and 16 bits
> >that is a system which specifies in a struct for each pix_fmt how it is
> >stored, so that a single simple generic (and slow) convertion routine can
> >convert any pix_fmt to any pix_fmt
> >this would greatly simplify things ...
> I am curious about this idea. Can you expand in more detail on what you envision? Would the "generic" conversion routine simple be a storage-class to storage-class coercer, ignoring such details as range changes (Y-crush, etc.)?

the idea is to have a table of pix_fmt_descriptors 
so that pix_fmt_descriptor[pix_fmt] would describe the current pix_fmt

so component c at position x,y could be addressed like

int plane= desc.plane_index[c];
uint8_t *ptr= data[plane] + linesize[plane]*y;
ptr += (x>>desc.mp_shift[c])*desc.mp_size;
if(desc.little_endian) pixel= AV_RL64(ptr);
else                   pixel= AV_RB64(ptr);
return (pixel>>desc.pos[c][x & 3]) & desc.mask[c];

for rgb15 the descriptor would look like
plane_index ={0,0,0};
mp_shift    ={0,0,0};
mp_size     = 2;
pos[0]      = {0,};
pos[1]      = {5,};
pos[2]      = {10,};
mask        = {31,31,31};

for uyvy it would look like
plane_index  ={0,0,0};
mp_shift     ={1,0,0};
mp_size      = 4;
little_endian= 0
pos[0]       = {16,0,};
pos[1]       = {24,};
pos[2]       = {8,};
mask         = {255,255,255};

for 10bit planar YUV it would look like
plane_index  ={0,1,2};
mp_shift     ={2,2,2};
mp_size      = 5;
little_endian= 0
pos[0]       = {30,20,10,0};
pos[1]       = {30,20,10,0};
pos[2]       = {30,20,10,0};
mask         = {1023,1023,1023};

with something like that it should be easy to add new formats by just
adding a new entry in the table ...

> >> --> To accomplish phase two, it would seem that I need to make the following source code changes...
> >> libavcodec/ffv1.c:
> >> Bump the header version from 0 to 1
> >maybe
> >> change coder_type interpretation to be coder_flags. Default is 0
> >> Add new flag CODER_FLAG_D10
> >no
> Could you expand on your objection? 
> (Do you not like flag-type variables? Do you prefer increasing the size of the header with new, explicit variables? What?) I have no intention of breaking backward compatibility for streams <=8 bits/value...

coder is conceptiually different from the number of bits which are in the
pixel format so whereever the distinction is made between 8 and 10
coder is not the right place


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