[FFmpeg-devel] Profiling the library

Thorsten Jordan tjordan
Thu May 10 15:08:50 CEST 2007

Luca Barbato schrieb:
> Thorsten Jordan wrote:
>> Hello,
> use oprofile to get performance data for the code (I'd suggest you to
> check cache miss)
Can you give me some more hints about oprofile? I installed it (debian
packages) and it doesn't need a kernel module - opposing to what is
written on their webpage.
I started the profiler daemon and then run ffplay_g with the example
file. oreport --symbols give some information, but this is rather vague,
some lines (and also the two topmost) have no symbols, calls of other
applications are in the list and so on.
Can this be done more accurate (it is a mystery though how oprofile
gathers this information with an external daemon and no code support -
maybe it doesn't work with more detail).

Sorry, when its getting off-topic... but oprofile seems the only way to
profile ffmpeg atm.

Regards, Thorsten

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