[FFmpeg-devel] Special optimization for PS3 Cell processor

John Kelley john
Wed May 9 22:52:13 CEST 2007

> Hadn't tested mpeg4 decoding, I assume the bottleneck would be the video
> out, not the decoding...

Nope, overhead is in CSC and in iDCT. Blitting to the framebuffer,
while a SW blit, is still fast (in the 100's of frames/sec)

> Please start reading the code and try to thinks way to make it more
> threaded for Cell (and Sun's T1/T2) while keeping it single thread for
> system with less core availability, that is probably the hardest part.

The big issue with optimising ffmpeg or any codec for the PS3 is that
in order to make optimal use of the SPUs major code changes may have
to be made. This is based on doing double or triple buffering data for
the SPU code as is recommended in the SPU programming guides. This is
something that pretty much has to be done to optimise for any
specialised coprocessor like the SPU or GPU.

 - john

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