[FFmpeg-devel] Help for generating PES streams from an AVI file

Nico Sabbi nicola_sabbi
Wed May 9 22:10:32 CEST 2007

Sibnath GHOSH wrote:
> Actually I was not referring to the encoder side but to the decoding. Since
> I get elementary stream from the ffmpeg parser and demux, I would like to
> encapsulate this ES to PES and include the time stamp. How can I extend the
> ffmpeg for this encapsulation. 

during demuxing, in order to receive correct timestamps with every 
single frame/packet, you need to tell libavformat to parse the ES streams
(if it doesn't do it already by default), next pass the packets 
received unmodified to the muxer.
(two good examples are demux_lavf.c and muxer_lavf.c in 
The muxer needs to be extended in order to skip the insertion of the 
pack and system headers in the output stream

> Can I do the same from the player orapplication side?

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