[FFmpeg-devel] Special optimization for PS3 Cell processor

Sakur Sakur.deagod
Wed May 9 17:20:26 CEST 2007

Is there any good news about special optimization for PS3 Cell processor?
In fact, I am doing such kind of thing to optimize the ffmpeg AVI codec
for my PS3Linux with the help of Cell ALF programming model. My first
step is rewrite some PPC Altivec functions to SPU instructions or
intrinsics,which includes (I)DCT,FFT (un)quantize functions. All of them
are currently implemented with VMX vector intrinsics. Now IBM has
provided the similar vector intrinsics for Cell SPE. However, the map is
not one-to-one,see:

----- IDCT put/add
*vec_mradds(A,B,C)*:(for PPE)
I am not sure if this is for ((A*B+2^14)>>15) + C.
On SPE,there's no such a function,only spu_madd(A,B,C),also no
saturation. Anyone know how to apply some tricks for this?

P.S: According to some interesting test, the avi decoding performance on
Cell PPE is only 20% of normal PC ,is that true?

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