[FFmpeg-devel] flashsv error due to negative linesize value - not an intentional cross post!

Jason Askew jason.askew
Tue May 8 23:25:03 CEST 2007

Advised to come to list from the users list:

I've found a bug in flashsv encoding.

There are several locations in flashsvenc.c that use linesize[0] to do
a av_mallocz, i.e.:


and other such actions:

   memcpy(s->previous_frame, p->data[0], s->image_height*p->linesize[0]);

but, as I've read several times now, linesize can be negative (with
AVI files?).  This leads to a error of
"Memory Allocation failed" when running ffmpeg

The failure is in function:  flashsv_encode_frame

I got everything setup to compile ffmpeg with flashsv on my windows PC
and I've tried using just the absolute value of linesize, but that
then seems to dork up things in another function, copy_region_enc.

So...  I'll gladly bang on it some more, but if a dev could give me
some guidance or ideas, that would great.


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