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Robert Swain robert.swain
Sat May 5 18:55:46 CEST 2007

On 5 May 2007, at 14:26, herve.flores wrote:
> Le 5 mai 07 ? 14:19, Robert Swain a ?crit :
>> Could you align the top and bottom of the zigzag to the top of the F
>> and the bottom of the g
> no ;-)
> it's awfull :
> <beurk.jpg>

Hmm. I wonder if it would look better if the bottom weren't on the  
horizon line. See below for details of what I mean. :)

>> and make its perspective angle in to a bit
>> less than that?
> which one? 1 or 2 (use names of files)
> PS for all dev: choose the one you like, and after I'll make some  
> "cosmetics"

See attached for my meaning and for alternatives with the logo on the  
right of the text with opposite perspectives.

>> At the moment you have the bottom edge being
>> horizontal. If you see what I mean...
> not really...

Compare your zigzag to the rectangle representing it in my quick  
drafts. The bottom of your zigzags are horizontal, mine are angled  
for perspective. The bottom of it would be horizontal if it were at  
the horizon, but I think the horizon should be through the centre of  
the text (to make it look more coherent and draw your eye to the text).

The capital letters, 'FF', are slightly taller than 'm' and 'e'; 'p'  
and 'g' extend below the base line for the other characters. I made  
the suggestion that the nearer vertical edge of the zigzag square be  
the same height as the top of 'F' to the bottom of 'g' to try to  
match the scale of the zigzag to the text. And for further coherence  
between the 3D zigzag and the text, I thought it would be good if the  
other vertical edge that is further away in perspective terms be the  
same height as the 'm' and 'e'. Does that make sense?

I was going to draw a diagram the first time but I am yet to find a  
good MS Paint clone for OS X. I don't like the GIMP and other such  
complicated drawing applications. So many of them can't even draw  
straight lines or polygons/shapes. Quite why is beyond me.

>> Strangely, I prefer the bottom right smaller logo of the two small
>> ones. Maybe that's because it was present on the right and I just
>> like things that angle inwards. :)
> but it must be only one direction:

And it could still be only one direction, if the logo were moved to  
the right of the text and angled inwards. But it depends of what  
people prefer the look.


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