[FFmpeg-devel] [Ffmpeg-devel] SVN dump

Andy Parkins andyparkins
Wed May 2 17:41:18 CEST 2007

On Wednesday 2007 May 02, Michael Niedermayer wrote:

> well that depends
> if B is just a normal buggy change simple reverting it by applying the
> change in reverse and commiting is done

Git has a revert option that does exactly that, so I think you would be 
covered for that case.

> if OTOH B is some really serious messup like someone replacing all \n by
> spaces or more realistic someone commiting a huge whitespace change with
> some unrelated functional changes in the middle then the proper solution
> with svn is to svn copy the last good revision of the file, commit
> the change properly and be done, if later commits happened its very
> unlikely that they touched the same file. if they still did these would
> have to be recommited

I think you would have a number of options - you could rebase the dependent 
commits, or apply the reversion as a fork at the bad commit and merge it in 
after the dependent commits.

> and indeed the copy trick almost worked with git when i tried it
> if only git would properly support copies (or alternatively its copy
> detection where working but half of the time i tried it git didnt find
> the parent file ...)

Yes, sometimes that can be annoying.  It does that to keep the speed high, you 
can make it detect copies more strongly with:

 git blame -M -C

Without this switch the algorithm git uses is to only check other files 
changed during the same commit.  (Personally I prefer to accept the speed 
cost and have these switches permanently enabled - which can be done with the 
config file)


Dr Andy Parkins, M Eng (hons), MIET
andyparkins at gmail.com

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