[FFmpeg-devel] List of Codecs, Containers, etc.

Mike Melanson mike
Tue Jun 26 17:41:33 CEST 2007

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> and iam flaming you :) as theres not even a minimal note on the wiki about
> how to get an account. this is IMO unprofessional

True. Fortunately, I finally updated the main page just yesterday with a
message about how to get an account (after a new person outside of our
circle wanted an account). Ideally, the account creation page should
also have the instructions. But that requires PHP hacking... and then
finding the correct l10n file(s) since MediaWiki is quite multi-lingual.

I hear that a simple CAPTCHA on account creation might do wonders and
would like to deploy such a mechanism. There are all manner of sketchy
extensions for MediaWiki. Maybe the latest version has some of this
stuff built in, finally.

> so theres no way to simply say revert all changes from IP: ?
> if so this is bad ...

It might be possible-- anything is possible if a person is willing to
dig into the MySQL tables and execute custom queries. But I would rather
not. This type of power-admin feature should be built right in to the
web admin interface.

> also it would be great if the wiki had some moderation feature so that all
> changes (by people with insufficient priviledged acounts) would have to be
> approved

No argument. Or even a waiting period before a new user could post. I
already see this on Wikipedia where edits by new users are disallowed on
controversial pages.

	-Mike Melanson

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