[FFmpeg-devel] Implementing some interlacing features in h.264 decoder in libavcodec

nitin khurana khurananitin2003
Mon Jul 30 21:13:46 CEST 2007

  I'm using mplayer for one of my project and in this i want to add some features related to interlacing in h.264.c .  But when i compared the JM version of h.264 decoder and the one which is used in Mplayer in libavcodec i find it extremely difficult to compare the two codes as the implementation of both the codes are entirely different.
  So how can i proceed to add some features according to my need in h.264.c in libavcodec used by Mplayer. 
  I've also got coreavc decoder but while using coreavc sync problem comes in Mplayer with video lagging or leading with audio and making it fully of no use.
  Thanxs in advance.
  With regards
  Nitin Khurana

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