[FFmpeg-devel] *$350* to fix FLV seek/cut bug

Ramiro Polla ramiro
Mon Jul 30 03:22:56 CEST 2007


Piero Bugoni <ffmpeg.devel <at> yahoo.com> writes:

 > > I just got a private submission patch that seems to
 > > work on the first 
 > > test. If the patch creator says its ok to put the
 > > patch here, and I have 
 > > tested it out thoroughly and found it to be sound,
 > > I'll post it here.
 > > 
 > Did this ever get resolved?
 > I suspect it must have, since I have heard no more
 > about it.
 > Did the private patch work? 
 > I suspect it did.
 > Any possibility you could share?
 > If not, why? If something is broken in ffmpeg, do us
 > all a favor, and help fix it.
 > It is the "Open-Source" thing to do...

I've also sent him a patch but got no answer. I forgot to send it to the list
and have been away from home for about a week, and I'll be away for another
week. I can't send a patch, since I only have access to "usable", and not
"abusable", computers, so there's no Linux and I can't install MinGW.

Anyways, here's the description of the diff:
Change ffmpeg.c:1523-1526 to
codec->time_base.den = ist->st->r_frame_rate.num;
codec->time_base.num = ist->st->r_frame_rate.den;

The problem happens with any stream copying. It was just very noticeable in FLV
since it used 1/1000 as time base.

It seemed to work fine on all tests I did. I wasn't very thorough though.

Ramiro Polla

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