[FFmpeg-devel] FFmpeg help

Piero Bugoni ffmpeg.devel
Fri Jul 27 11:20:04 CEST 2007

--- Nilendra Weerasinghe <nilendraw at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I need some help in using ffmpeg. I'm using php to
> convert video files to
> .flv in one of my applications. However passing the
> neccesary  command to
> "system" doesnt convert it but gives an error. But
> I've tried it seperately
> in the command prompt and it works fine. Is there
> any integration kit that
> needs to be installed to use ffmpeg in php?
> pls help.

This probably should be asked in ffmpeg-user.

I've seen the same complaint several times. (Command
line works, PHP doesn't). There is a post somewhere
about it. The error is probably "undefined symbol" or
something like that.

It has been answered in ffmpeg-user. I haven't
actually read the answer, but I know it has been

Try searching the archives, or google "ffmpeg PHP
undefined symbol" (or whatever your error message is).
This will probably lead you to the page where it was


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