[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Fix incorrect bitmap header in rawvideo AVI output and allow input of resulting files.

Martin Gentry mgentry
Fri Jul 27 00:07:48 CEST 2007

Since I didn't get any response on the issue I was having with raw video
output to AVI, attached is what I did to fix it.

As stated in my earlier email on the topic, currently if the video is run
through the raw video encoder the frame data seems to always be top-down
thus always requiring a negative height in the AVI bitmap header, but the
current code in SVN outputs a positive value resulting in an AVI that plays
upside down in Windows Media Player.  Introducing the negative height to fix
this rendered the output as unacceptable input for ffmpeg, so I made an
attempt to fix that also, but don't know that my use of a flag that the raw
video decoder looks at is the correct way to fix that.  Alternatively fixing
this without introducing the negative height in the bitmap header would have
necessitated always flipping the final data going through the raw encoder,
which seemed a larger code modification and thus undesirable?

So that said, I somewhat expect this to be rejected but am hoping that
process will at least inform me as to a more correct way to fix the problem.

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