[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] aes: When generating the expanded key, an XOR with the previous key was missing

Andy Parkins andyparkins
Wed Jul 18 21:15:39 CEST 2007

On Wednesday 2007, July 18, Michael Niedermayer wrote:

> i dont remember without checking what exactly should be done but your
> change _totally_ breaks the code

Fair enough.

> (and avoid wakipuding\H\H\H\H\H\H\H\H\H\Hwikipedia as authorative source
> of information if there are official and public test vectors, source and
> description available)

I actually found another run through of AES that contained the same 
expansion, and an explanation of the algorithm that matched up with the 

My apologies that it was incorrect.  I hadn't realised that the test code in 
the file were official test vectors.


Dr Andy Parkins, M Eng (hons), MIET
andyparkins at gmail.com

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