[FFmpeg-devel] v210 decoder patch

Francois Oligny-Lemieux eucloid
Tue Jul 17 21:09:46 CEST 2007


On 7/17/07, Alex Beregszaszi <alex at rtfs.hu> wrote:

> Why do you add PIX_FMT_V210 if it's not used?

Sorry that's a leftover from my first try adding it in libavcodec/raw.c
which I didn't like cause it made the later bloated and I felt it was not
the right place either.
> Please upload some samples files to mplayerhq.

Ok, I've uploaded an .avi file named "HD_720p60_Chair_Frames.avi"

> Are you sure this is the best way to handle this? What about adding a
converter into swscale? As it looks like no compression is really done,
this should be handled in swscale, imho.

I have doupts too. Also I've looked at libswscale for the first time today
and I don't know how I would interface the riff code with swscale. From what
I see when an AVI file is loaded, it matches the RIFF code to a
CODEC_ID_XXX, and load that codec. So to create a new codec was the easiest
(most straightforward) approach.


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