[FFmpeg-devel] Problem with H.263+/RTP payload

Sergio Fadda superatropo
Sun Jul 15 12:08:35 CEST 2007

Hi all.
I'm writing a patch for the alsa channel of asterisk (I hope someone knows
what I'm talking about... however it's not important).
I've redirect RTP payloads sent by a SIP soft-phone (linphone for instance)
and I'm trying to decode the H.263+ stream (or H.263-1998 if you prefer) in
that channel. The status is:
- I receive fragmented video frames that, as RFC-2190 says, represent the
payload of RTP packets.
- That fragments are organized in a H.263 header that preceding a H.263payload.
- The last fragment of a H.263 complete frame is characterized by a marker
flag in the corresponding RTP packet and I can recognize it.
- RTP payloads are _correct_: I've compared it with captured (with
wireshark) RTP payloads sent from linphone.
Now, some questions:
1) are these points correct?
2) ffmpeg support H.263+ decoding? I mean, there's a CODEC_ID_H263 for
enc/decoding, but there's only a CODEC_ID_H263P for encoding! Is
CODEC_ID_H263 decoding compatible with H.263+ stream?
Now, what I'm doing to accomplish this is (in metalanguage):

a) Initialization of ffmpeg environment
  - avcodec_init
  - avcodec_register_all
  - avcodec_find_decoder(CODEC_ID_H263)
  - avcodec_alloc_context
  - avcodec_get_context_defaults [see question 3]
  - context->flag |= CODEC_FLAG_TRUNCATED
  - avcodec_open
  - avcodec_alloc_frame
  - avcodec_get_frame_defaults [see question 3]
  - av_parser_init(CODEC_ID_H263) [see question 4]
b) Read a new fragment
c) av_parser_parse [see questions 4 and 5]
d) avcodec_decode_video [see question 6]

And now, more questions:
3) Are these functions ('avodec_get_(context|frame)_defaults') usefull?
4) are they necessary?
5) I don't really understand what this function does! Perhaps it analyses
H.263 headers... The problem is that when I call this function to a fragment
it return that no output data is available.
6) And here is another trouble: since 'av_parser_parse' returns no data I've
call it with original fragment; after call it, it return 0 and no matter how
many times I call it: 'got_picture' parameter is always 0!

Does anyone know what is wrong or if I've missed anything?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Greetings Sergio

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