[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] allow mpegts demuxer to reload streams if service disappears

Nico Sabbi nicola_sabbi
Sun Jul 15 10:53:27 CEST 2007

Michael Niedermayer wrote:

> also the stream removial is likely completely wrong. from what i remember
> these tables can be split and so if you remove all except whats in the
> next table you will just have a subset of all services

a more correct approach would be: every time the pat version changes 
(and not sooner) reset the program map and reparse the PAT;
whenever a PMT version changes reset the single program.
I wouldn't give too much importance to multi-section tables:
I've never seen one myself and accordingly to someone much more in the 
knows than me they were never used (they don't make any sense)

> also id like to emphasize that we must demux all services/streams by default
> demuxing just a random one/first one is not ok
> there is AVDiscard with which the user can indicate which streams/services
> he wants

last time I checked there wasn't the slightest notion of service or 
program in AVFormat; was it introduced recently?
It's not practical for users discarding individual pids because
99% of the times they won't know which pids comprise a program

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