[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] extend vhook to accept command line arguments from a file

Bobby Bingham uhmmmm
Sat Jul 14 21:35:33 CEST 2007

On Fri, 13 Jul 2007 18:17:03 -0500
"Ashwin Ganti" <ashwin.ganti at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks for the responses.
> > I'm afraid vhook is deprecated by now. The substitute will be the
> > result of a Google Summer of Code project (and we're in mid Summer
> > already).
> I did not know about the new substitute for vhook.
> > I'd suggest to wait a bit, and re-submit when the new libavfilter
> > framework is finished.
> Sure I shall wait for that.
> Thanks.

Actually, the ability to create a filter graph based on a file is one
of the features I already plan to add to libavfilter.  Otherwise I can
imagine the command line syntax for creating complex graphs (complete
with multiple inputs/outputs) could get pretty messy.

Bobby Bingham
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