[FFmpeg-devel] some licensing issues

Balatoni Denes dbalatoni
Sat Jul 14 18:34:14 CEST 2007


Saturday 14 July 2007 17:48-kor M?ns Rullg?rd ezt ?rta:
> OK, I see what you're getting at.  Didn't someone post some benchmarks
> comparing mlib with our native Sparc code some time ago?

Well IMHO you could remove the mlib yuv2rgb, as I will be sending a SPARC VIS 
version in a few days (it's the same speed and functionality as the mlib 
version, ~40% faster than the C version). However I would be glad if the mlib 
idct stayed, because it's faster and I don't see a native VIS idct coming 
anytime soon. Most of the other functions can be removed, as they already 
have native VIS alternative (some don't, but they are not too comlicated 
AFAICT, well it would be nice if they weren't removed though for now).


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