[FFmpeg-devel] some licensing issues

Uoti Urpala uoti.urpala
Thu Jul 12 04:37:52 CEST 2007

On Thu, 2007-07-12 at 04:11 +0200, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> IANAL so i do not know what we can change without the authors agreement.
> personally i would have left all license headers as is, and never ever
> changed them, no address of the FSF or anything unless it was explicitly
> allowed by the license ("or later version" clause)
> you seem to like cleaning the licenses up and i dont mind if its ok to do
> i just dont know if its ok as IANAL. if i try to compare this to real paper
> contracts then i have a very bad feeling though

Changing the license headers in the source files is not the same as
changing the actual license text. If the code is under LGPL then
anything which qualifies as "under LGPL" should be OK. 

One licensing issue is that GPL-licensed files are distributed with
FFmpeg but there seems to be no copy of the GPL included. COPYING only
contains LGPL 2.1 and I didn't find the full GPL text in any other file

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