[FFmpeg-devel] h264.c - PAFF interlacing is not implemented <-- Panasonic HDC-SD1 HDTV-Cam

Ulrich Habel espero7757
Fri Jul 6 20:58:17 CEST 2007

have got a new generation of Video Cam, the Panasonic HDC-SD1 which produces 
AVCHD streams. This Cam is nearly brand-new, but it shows where the marktet 
this year likes to aim at: the HDTV recording. The count of SAT-receivers and 
satellite transponders are strongly expanded since this year, also. That 
seems to be the key event for this years "Berliner Funkausstellung" I think.

The streams produced by this Cam seems to be very near to that of the blue-ray
disc spec. So implementing of PAFF would be a real good thing I suppose.

Playing the streams with "ffplay" gives a short sound (AC3) and sometimes a 
distorted picture. The player stopps on that failure:

[h264 @ 0xb7de4168]concealing 3060 DC, 3060 AC, 3060 MV errors
[h264 @ 0xb7de4168]PAFF interlacing is not implemented

As I remember there was a discussion some month ago, if there is need to 
implement the PAFF section within the h264 decoder.   :-)  Obviously yes!

Playing with ffplay and the "-vn" option gives the sound without any 

Can I help you with anything you need for it? I would be happy to get the rig 
running.    :-)


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