[FFmpeg-devel] avidec.c entering an infinite loop with HTTP URLs + Patch

Ronen Mizrahi ronen
Thu Jul 5 01:34:38 CEST 2007


I have encountered a situation where url_fseek() fails, but its return 
value is not checked and hence the surrounding code enters an infinite loop.
The relevant code in in avidec.c and since I am running on Windows with 
MSVC I do not have a GDB dump to offer. I did however modify avidec.c 
(see patch attached) such that return values are checked and the problem 
was eliminated. I would be grateful if someone can apply the patch 
and/or comment to it. The patch wad made against the current SVN head 
(revision 8742 for avidec.c).

Thank you,

Ronen Mizrahi
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