[FFmpeg-devel] How to Read Frame from Multiframe Images?

Fribs Mike mr.fribs
Wed Jul 4 12:20:36 CEST 2007

First, I am sorry .
  Second, I have re-posted here, because I have received an e-mail that says:
  Yes, in either ffmpeg-devel or ffmpeg-user mail archives there is an example of that made by Stefano, if I recall correctly.
  I just want help, just answer my question(How to Read Frame from Multiframe Images?)
  I don't want to make mistakes.
  Please guide me.

V?ctor Paesa <wzrlpy at arsystel.com> wrote:
  Fribs Mike dijo:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to read one frame or certain frame from any video type:
> wmv, avi, mpeg and then I wanna do some processes for that frame.
> Is it possible to get any header file (with C/C++ language) to make
> it easy?
> I hope that my question is clear.

The correct mail list for this question is ffmpeg-user.
Why have you re-posted your yesterday's question here?

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