[FFmpeg-devel] how to handle incomplete h.264 video stream

hong liu l1436636
Tue Jul 3 16:13:01 CEST 2007

Although I have been using vlc and mplayer for playing a lot of video, I am still a newer to ffmpeg source
code.  Now I am learning how to use the ffmpeg library to develop video programs though the tutorial
programs posted by http://dranger.com/ffmpeg/. 

I have encountered an problem with using the modified tutorial01.c, which deletes the limitation of
saving only 5 frames into the disk.  I have used H.264 JM test model 12.2 to encode 12 frames of
foreman in QCIF
 format into an h264 file named foreman.264. The sequence of frame types is annoted
as I0P1P2P3P4P5I6P7P8P9P10P11, so Intra frame interval is 6 frames. 

If I deleted the frame data of P3 in the foreman.264 file. the modified program
 just decoded it and save  decoded frames into the disk. After it completes, I find there are 10 frames. I supposed it can generate 11 frames because there is only one frame data missed. So I want to get any help from ffmpeg expert to explain how the ffmpeg deals with incomplete video encoded file.

Thank you so much!

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