[Ffmpeg-devel] Softcut?

Patrick Fischer patrick_fischer
Wed Mar 29 11:41:48 CEST 2006

On 3/28/06, Patrick Fischer <patrick_fischer at gmx.de> wrote:

>>> Hello
>>> Its a long time ago i have postet my last post on this list....
>>> A friend and me talked about mpeg cutting.
>>> We both heard about a way to cut mpeg not at the I-Frame but without
>>> reencode.
>>> Im not sure which is the rigth name of this method.
>>> We call it "softcut". Maybe you can tell me the rigth name.
>>> It works like this
>>> I-----------I-----------I-----------I-----------I.......
>>> Now I want to cut at this parts
>>> I-------|---I-----------I-----------I---|-------I.......
>>> To fake the I-Fameless Cut we want to fill the Frames with "Black
>>> Frames" and cut at the I-Frame
>>> I#######|---I-----------I-----------I---|#######I.......
>>> I know there are lots of problems by this way(audio, sync,..), but maybe
>>> you can tell me if there is any projekt(maybe ffmpeg) which can do the job.

>AFAIK, avidemux can do this - it only reencodes the GOPs which contain
>a frame refering to a frame being cut out.

Do you know a Name for this Methode. It would be easier to find any code to use.

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