[Ffmpeg-devel] libavcodec undefined symbols in FFusion?

Mike Melanson mike
Tue Mar 28 02:07:50 CEST 2006

Lee Morgan wrote:
> Hi all, I'm new to libavcodec; and fairly new to codecs in general.  I'm 
> trying to update the FFusion code to the newest version of  libavcodec 
> (and add support for H.264 in the process).
> However when I try to build FFusion with the newest libavcodec I get  
> about a dozen undefined symbols such as...
> _av_crc07
> _av_crc_init
> _ff_gcd
> _av_crc
> _ff_log2_tab
> _uncompress
> _inflate
> _deflate
> _crc32
> Any suggestions?

* enable zlib support
* add new FFmpeg source files to your Makefile
* if in doubt, grep for the undefined symbols (minus the leading 
underscore) through the FFmpeg source tree and figure out why the 
symbols aren't there

	-Mike Melanson

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