[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] mingw and temorary files

Diego Biurrun diego
Mon Mar 27 18:00:01 CEST 2006

On Mon, Mar 27, 2006 at 10:27:15AM -0500, Rich Felker wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 27, 2006 at 12:36:42AM -0800, Corey Hickey wrote:
> > Ah, I didn't see those were the headers for installation -- I thought 
> > they were just general-purpose headers. Ok, I've removed that hunk.
> I'm against this whole tempfile thing. Why doesn't xvid just use the
> user-configured name for a 2pass file if it needs one? Or is this used
> for something else?? There's been this assumption that a temp file is
> necessary with no explanation of why, and IMO it's extremely bad for a
> _codec_ to create files on disk, temporary or not, if not requested.

I must say I'm not very happy with seeing an implementation of creating
tmpfiles in FFmpeg.  Remember that it's quite tricky to do this right
without creating race conditions and security problems.  I haven't
looked at the details of this patch, but one more mktemp implementation
is not really a good thing.

Has anybody thought about patching MinGW instead?


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