[Ffmpeg-devel] rtsp/rtp stuck in select()

François Revol revol
Thu Mar 23 23:36:26 CET 2006

Hi there,
I recently fixed the rtp code to be able to get a stream from my 
FreeBox DSL modem, which fowards the tv channels as rtsp streams (no 
DRM \o/), but it gets stuck in select() after 30 seconds (well, just 
less than 30).
I first thought it was a bug in the BeOS select() but it happened on my 
debian install as well.
I'll be looking into it, but if someone has a clue I'm taking it.
Until someone fixes vlc's rtsp support in BeOS, piping ffmpeg to vlc is 
the only way I can avoid rebooting to watch the tv :)


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