[Ffmpeg-devel] dvr-ms seek help request

John Donaghy johnfdonaghy
Thu Mar 23 18:22:16 CET 2006

Steve - given the lack of response it looks like you're probably right
about seeking not being well tested. You mention a patch that was not
accepted that fixed the seeking problems you saw in mpeg files. Were
those repeatable problems? Can I see the patch?

By the way - are you now successfully seeking in dvr-ms files? Does
your code always jump to roughly the right place in the file? Does it
seek to a key frame?

I've discovered that reading the simple index at the end of the dvr-ms
files makes for a better seek but I still cant find the key frame.
I've seen a couple of crashes though when seeking at the end of the
file but havent had time to investigate. (It's not like this is my job
or anything!)

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