[Ffmpeg-devel] FFMPEG RTSP for Windows

Michael A. Kohn mike
Wed Mar 22 20:37:12 CET 2006

Hi all...

I've been editing pieces of libavformat to add Windows networking
support to FFMPEG.  I'm trying to get a sample program to read
a video stream from an AXIS 213 camera as an RTSP stream.  I
have uploaded changes to:


I put it in ftp://ftp.mplayerhq.hu/incoming/mike_kohn/ in a file
called ffmpeg_kohn_changes-2006-03-22.tar.gz.

In that file is a README, a sample program, and the 6 files completely
intact.  Basically all I did is put approx. 10 #ifdefs around some
include files and a couple functions that are a little different.

This all works and is grabbing video, but it looks like it's losing
a lot of UDP packets every 200 video frames or so.

Also, I downloaded the latest CVS version as of March 22 at around
8am central time in the USA, and now when I run the libav_test program
which I included, av_open_input_file() just returns with a -2 now
every time without even entering any of the code I changed.

As much as I don't like Windows, adding the networking to ffmpeg
would be a useful thing to have.  I included a README file with a
better description of what I did and some error.txt files with
output from the test program.  If you guys would like to add this
code into ffmpeg, that would be cool.. or if someone could at
least help point me where to look to fix these two problems,
that would be great..


/mike kohn

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