[Ffmpeg-devel] contrib question

Mike Melanson mike
Wed Mar 22 02:36:01 CET 2006

Madan Ankapura wrote:
> hello ppl,
> I am interested to be part of your effort and contribute to the
> codebase eventually, is their a todo list. I did go thru some features
> requests in sourceforge but they are spread all over the place. Do you
> have any suggestions to get started ? or looking for help in any
> particular area.

	The way it usually works in open source development is that you find a 
neat project that does a lot but is notably missing one feature that you 
really want. So you go to work on that one feature and your involvement 
snowballs from there. To that end, are there any multimedia formats 
missing from FFmpeg that you want to see supported, and that you would 
be willing to work on?

	-Mike Melanson

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