[Ffmpeg-devel] AAC decoder

Mike Melanson mike
Wed Mar 22 01:36:30 CET 2006

Daniel Serpell wrote:
> Here you have a better version without sin/cos functions (should
> be a lot faster, if it matters):

	Speed shouldn't matter a great deal since these tables are only 
computed at codec init. However, it may be useful to create an 
implementation that does not rely on the math library. I suspect that's 
why FAAD2 hard-coded the tables-- to target platforms with no math 
library. A quick grep through FAAD2 source for "math.h" appears to 
confirm this (if fixed point is selected, don't include math.h).

	Anyway, I guess we will leave it up to Oded The Implementor to decide 
which version to use.

	-Mike Melanson

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