[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: Bug - Framerate limitation for H.264 in .mp4

Tyler Loch TylerL82
Wed Mar 22 01:20:23 CET 2006

Baptiste COUDURIER <baptiste.coudurier <at> smartjog.com> writes:
> Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> >> First one is fine. Second has really weird stts atom :
> >>
> >> first stts duration is set to 1001000 while timescale is set to 15015000
> >> Duration overflow.
> > 
> > isnt it possible to store the duration(s) in 64bit? (yeah iam too lazy
> > to look at the spec ATM ...)
> It seems, just looked at some infos, version 1 defines duration in 64bit
>  in 'mvhd' and 'tkhd'. I will patch movenc.c and mov.c to read 64bit if
> version is 1, it is already done in read_mvhd.

...if it's still useful, here are two new sample files:

Native 25fps original clip. Framerate not set in ffmpeg. No errors. 2349 frames.

Native 25fps original clip. Framerate set as -r 25. Duration Error. 2351 frames.

-Tyler Loch

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