[Ffmpeg-devel] AAC decoder

Benjamin Larsson banan
Tue Mar 21 23:05:44 CET 2006

Mike Melanson wrote:

> Mike Melanson wrote:
>>     One question: Is it really necessary to include tables for sine
>> and KBD values? I know the sine table can easily be generated at
>> runtime. The same probably applies for the KBD values.
>     I decided to put my code where my mouth is. What follows is a
> program to generate the sine tables, and also validates them against
> the tables in your aac.h file. This will eliminate the hard-coding of
> sine_long_1024[] and sine_short_128[]. I will see if I can figure out
> an algorithm for the KBD stuff as well.
One algo is in liba52. It's an iterative bessel thingy :)

And the sine_short table should be a subset of sine_long.

Benjamin Larsson

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