[Ffmpeg-devel] .mp4 demuxer broken?

Dieter ffmpeg
Tue Mar 21 10:21:42 CET 2006

In message <20060321113051.GD28324 at MichaelsNB>, Michael Niedermayer writes:
> ffmpeg -i CDR-Dinner_LAN_800k.mp4
> (http://www.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/samples/MPEG-4/CDR-Dinner_LAN_800k.mp4)
> fails, but it does work woth an old binary ffmpeg (dunno from when) laying
> around

Speaking of MPEG-4 problems, lately I've been seeing ffmpeg go into
what may be an infinite loop when converting mpeg4 (from mencoder) to DV.
Looks like what is happening is that when it hits the end of the input,
it jumps way back in the input file (not necessarily the beginning) and
converts it again, (and perhaps again and again?) until the filesystem
fills up.

So far I've only seen this with mpeg4, not with mpeg2ts.

So far I haven't gotten it to happen with a sample small enough to
distribute.  May or may not be related to the size of the input file.

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