[Ffmpeg-devel] Broken decoding of mpeg2?

Joakim Plate joakim.plate
Tue Mar 21 01:05:52 CET 2006

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> From: Nico Sabbi [mailto:nsabbi at email.it] 
> Sent: den 21 mars 2006 00:48
> To: FFMpeg development discussions and patches
> Subject: [Ffmpeg-devel] Broken decoding of mpeg2?
> Hi,
> while decoding /samples/MPEG-VOB/transport-stream/capture.hunan
> (and others)  with latest cvs I get plenty of messages of this kind:
> [mpegvideo @ 0xb7e31ac8]get_buffer() failed (stride changed)
> Error while decoding frame!
> Bye,
>        Nico

You are probably using some sort of direct rendering, it doesn't work with
some outputs in mplayer for example. mplayer reporting that lavc supports
aritrairy strides even thou mpeg12 decoder doesn't even support any change
in it.


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