[Ffmpeg-devel] How to reduce the ffmpeg avcodec.dll, avformat.dllsize

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme
Mon Mar 20 09:15:38 CET 2006

Jimmy Zha wrote:
> Hi,Michel Bardiaux,
> 	Thanks for your help:),i have got the lastest CVS version.
> 	I figured it out with read the prediscussed in this MailList.Now the filesize is avcodec.dll(3.53mb),avformat.dll(408K).
> 	There are some tips for the future guys :):
> 	1. Resolve the "Avcodec.dll staticly linking into the avformat.dll" problem,you can get the informations by search this MailList. This "bug" will appear while you compile the FFMpeg in MinGW.This point can reduce the avformat.dll to the normally size(about 1/10 of avcodec.dll).
> 	2. I use follow configure to compile the project:
> --enable-mp3lame --enable-gpl --enable-shared --enable-static --enable-memalign-hack --disable-audio-oss --disable-v41 --disable-bktr --disable-mpegaudio-hp --disable-dv1394 --disable-network --disable-zlib --disable-debug --disable-strip --disable-ffserver --disable-ffplay
> 	This point will reduce the avcodec.dll to 3.xx MB.Can anybody give a better configure:)? I still want to reduce the size.
> 	I tried to enable/disable some encoder/decoder, but the effect is not very good.It just can reduce xx K :( .

You'll have to wait until the MinGW gcc is upgraded to gcc4. Because 
gcc4 can remove unused code from an exe (and I suppose a DLL too when 
it's available). But I don't know if it will happen in the next few 
years... If you're looking for the ultimate small size, try to use 
another compiler coupled with libavdsp found in DrFFMPEG. Although 
libavdsp is big, because it still uses gcc...


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