[Ffmpeg-devel] swscaler integration

Dieter ffmpeg
Wed Mar 15 12:41:28 CET 2006

In message <20060315174450.GF6600 at crate15>, Oded Shimon writes:
> On Wed, Mar 15, 2006 at 09:21:18AM +0000, Dieter wrote:
> > Ken and Dennis did filters 30+ years ago.  Just change from grep and cut to
> > video/audio filters:
> > 
> >    ... | crop | scale | pad | text_overlay | aknobs | vknobs | ...
> I somewhat disagree. The Unix philosphy doesn't apply very well to 
> multimedia. When you have to control things like AV sync, speed, decoding, 
> encoding, extra params (like, quantizer of image for pp), tight integration 
> of components within a single binary is manditory.

I am no expert, but I do not see what effect the example filters (crop, scale, ...)
would have on, say, AV sync?

There may well be problems, and there may well be pieces that work better
as a monolithic lump, but the Unix pipeline seems worthy of consideration.
We may end up with something like:

   monolithic_lump_1 | crop | scale | pad | text_overlay | monolithic_lump_2 | aknobs | vknobs

> Not to mention the 
> example you gave above will just be slow as hell..

The future appears to be MP, even for desktop machines.  On a MP
machine a pipeline is likely to be faster than a monolithic process.

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