[Ffmpeg-devel] swscaler integration

Dieter ffmpeg
Wed Mar 15 10:21:18 CET 2006

> > But now I am thinking about the "video filter layer" mentioned by
> > Michael in one email about cropping and padding.
> > Maybe the best thing to do is to introduce a "video filter" library, and
> > move swscaler into it.=20
> :-)
> Looks pretty as concept.

Ken and Dennis did filters 30+ years ago.  Just change from grep and cut to
video/audio filters:

   ... | crop | scale | pad | text_overlay | aknobs | vknobs | ...

text_overlay adds subtitles, closed caption, clock, frame counter, ...
aknobs adjusts volume, bass, treble, ...
vknobs adjusts brightness, contrast, saturation, ...

Smaller programs are easier to understand, write, debug, ...

If aknobs doesn't do what you want, plug in octive_equalizer instead.

If you have a SMP machine, you automatically get parallel processing.

Filters with different licenses can work together in peace.

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