[Ffmpeg-devel] [ bug ] converting png to dv gives solid black

Mike Melanson mike
Wed Mar 15 18:12:50 CET 2006

Erik Slagter wrote:
> Very true. Ever since I bought a tad bigger TV set, the (imho) bad
> reception from my cable company has been bothering me. I am aware of the
> limits of PAL, but this was really awful, plain noise in the picture. So
> I replaced all cabling in my house with pro stuff and nothing changed.
> Then I filed a complaint with the cable company and they sent a
> technician. This guy connected it's gear and concluded in 30 seconds
> that the signal was strong enough. He did not do any verification on the
> actual _quality_ of the signal! We're talking AM here :-(. The I showed
> him the picture and he said "well, that is just common with large TV
> set's, It can't get any better than that". Apparently most people simply
> accept this, otherwise the cable company couldn't have gone away with
> it. Anyway, I was completely fed up, told the cable company to keep
> their junk and bought a satellite dish. Now I do have a perfect picture
> after all. I guess more people should make this step ;-)

	I just thought of another problem: The same techno-elitist is proud of 
his Gran Turismo 4 setup (super-duper driving game for PlayStation 2). 
It supports HD modes. However, whenever he starts the game he has to 
spend about 5 minutes configuring everything through menus to make sure 
that the game, the console, and the TV all agree on the resolution mode. 
All that so he can race a virtual VW Jetta against a virtual Scion car. 
But that's a rant for a different list. :)

	The point here is that the next-gen tech is not exactly seamless.
	-Mike Melanson

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